Monday, May 11, 2009

Tornado Fact

Here is a random fact about tornado's.

Deaths from tornadoes are more likely in the Southeastern U.S. than in the Great Plains.
(TRUE: Partly due to: population concentration, lack of basements, also diurnal timing, higher concentration of mobile homes, and finally, religious belief structure).

Now..what in the world does religious beliefs have to do with tornado's??

Welcome to America's your free food stamps

I just read an article on CNN about how refugees are having a hard time finding jobs here in the "land of the free". Welcome to the club. Except in your little club, you get $450 a month housing allowance, food stamps and medical assistance. What do I get? $415 a week minus taxes. That may sound like a lot but out of that roughly $1400 month, I have to pay my mortgage, utilities, groceries AND pay for my own health insurance with is almost worthless. I was born here and have worked here for the last 14 1/2 years. I should be entitled to a little more help than what I'm being given.

I don't qualify for food stamps or for free boxes of food from the food pantry. I don't qualify for reduced utility bills or medicare. Believe me, I've looked. I don't qualify for reduced prescriptions even though I have a potentially deadly heart condition. It's either pay $60 a month for my heart medication or start looking for heart donors.

In 2008, 60,000 people were granted refugee status. That's 60,000 jobs those people now need to find. That's 60,000 people taking away medicare and food stamp assistance from U.S Citizens who were born and raised here and are now unemployed. So what if their country treated them badly. My country treats me badly too and takes all my hard earned unemployment but you don't see me knocking at someone else's boarder asking them if I can come in and have a free ride.

It just irks me that people who aren't from here or who choose to live an irresponsible life are given all these free handouts and those of us that went to college and have professional jobs can't get squat when we get laid off. When the economy is flourishing and unemployment is low, then I have no problem if they want to move here and become U.S citizens. But when the economy is in the crapper and U.S citizens are losing homes and still can't get assistance then ya, that's a problem. We need to be taken care of first and if it means not letting in any immigrants or refugees for a year then so be it. Is making them wait another year or two really going to hurt their feelings? I doubt it.

I mean really,who should be considered more important right now? The millions of respectable U.S citizens that have fallen on hard times and have contributed their fair share to society, or the thugs and immigrants who are either not from here or do nothing but get in trouble and commit crimes? Obviously the latter otherwise I would not be sitting here bitching about how I can't even get a free box of food yet refugees and welfare mommas can.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why men claim they cheat

I'm watching Dateline and the first half is about me who cheat and why they cheat. According to this man that did a study of 200 men, the reason men say they cheat is because they say they feel like under appreciated servants! Bull$hit..HELLO..who cooks and cleans the house? Who raises the kids, does the laundry, irons their suits? If anyone feels like under appreciated servants it should be the wives since they do way more of the housework than the men!!

Typical. They complain the reason they stray is because there is a lack of passion, they feel like the women doesn't love them anymore or listen to them. Hello...last time I checked...they had a mouth. Maybe they need to use it and speak up instead of making assumptions. It's funny. All the guys they have on the show said when their wives confronted them, they got scared and realized their marriage might be over. Did they not think that might be one of the consequences? Just goes to show they think they can have their cake and eat it too.

I just don't get men. You give them everything you have and they act like you're the best thing that's ever happened to them and then next thing you know they throw it away. They move on like it's no big deal while some of us sit here feeling like the life has been sucked out of them. True love is hard to find and any guy stupid enough to throw it away didn't deserve it in the first place.

Yes...I'm still bitter two years later. You don't tell someone you'll love them forever, talk about getting married, agree to move away, etc. and then act like you never said any of it. Moving on so quickly just goes to show it was either all a lie or someone is too afraid to admit they know I'm right about it being real and they'd rather ignore it by going out with other people. Damn I'm all fired up. I knew I should have changed the channel.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strange Fact of the Day

So I was reading the Mercury News like I do every day and in the Action Line column, there were various ways to save money. Most of them were common sense but the one I'd never heard before was to avoid making left turns because it uses more gas. I, for the life of me, can not figure out why this is. I googled it and the only thing I could find is that left hand turns require you to remain idle at a light thus using more gas. UPS actually has a software program that maps out drivers routes to avoid left turns.

Now....being the overly analytical person that I am, I suspect the acceleration, wider turn and the awkwardness of making a left turn is also a reason more gas is used. Think about it. If you're on a one way street and make a right turn on to another one way street, you can easily make it around the curve and stay in your own lane without having to apply the brakes which results in losing very little speed. At least I can anyways. On the other hand, if you're on a one way street and turn left onto a one way street, you pretty much have to apply the brakes to get around the curb without drifting into the next lane or losing control of the vehicle. As a result, you'd lose nearly have your speed and have to hit the gas to get back up to the speed you were at before.

I can't figure out if this has something to do with the side of the car we sit on and if it's easier to handle maneuvers on the opposite side you sit on or what. I won't be able to figure that out until I go to Europe and attempt to drive a car there.