Sunday, April 12, 2009

Curb Alert: Roommate

Since spring is here, I decided to be like everyone else and get rid of some things I don't need. My roommate, her cat and all her crap! I've decided to give her notice tomorrow and let her know that she has until the end of May to move out. She takes up too much space, she doesn't clean up after herself and I really don't want someone else's pet in my house. In reality, her rent isn't helping out at all. In fact it's probably costing me more. My electricity bill is a lot higher, my water bill is more than double and my grocery bill is higher since I have to buy smaller, packaged foods. I have literally no storage space so I can't buy in bulk or freeze things like I used to.

I think she honestly forgets that this is not her home. Every available square inch is taken up by something of hers. It's so bad she has two 12 packs of soda and her laundry detergent sitting on top of my water heater!! Not to mention she doesn't help keep the place clean. I don't recall mentioning free housekeeping services in my ad. Who the hell does she thinks cleans up all the crumbs she leaves on the counter or kitchen table? Crumb fairy's?!

Regardless of whether I get rent money from her or not, I'll still be royally screwed if I don't have a job by August. If end up having to sell my house then I'd like to live out my finals months in it in peace! If you're looking for a roommate, mine should sitting out on the curb here sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

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